US: Curfew imposed after death of a Black teen sparked protests in Ferguson

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US: Tensions flare in St Louis, Ferguson
Washington, Aug 18: Imposing a curfew in the town of Ferguson, Missouri is not only unusual but has also managed to give us an insight in the existing friction between the black and the white community there.

After tensions flared on Saturday, Missouri governor Jay Nixon imposed a fresh midnight-to-5am curfew after violence erupted over the shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown.

The police even threatened the media persons, who were reporting from the scene of the protests. Autopsy reports on Monday suggested that Brown was shot six times, including two shots in his head.

Even as many protested the death of Brown by a white police officer, Nixon's decision to impose a curfew has been criticised by many who say that the curfew could further trigger anger in the black community.

Brown was shot on Aug 9 following a scuffle with a police officer

There are also many allegations doing the rounds where it is alleged that the state administration was trying to shied the white police officer by withholding his name for a few days and also alleging that Brown many have robbed a convinice store before the shooting.

Brown was shot by a police officer on Aug 9 after he was confronted by an officer and got into a scuffle. Following the scuffle, the officer fired shots at Brown who died on the spot. Protests between the police and the public erupted soon after the death of Brown.

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