Could Brexit see a Domino effect in Europe?

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London, June 23: If the Leave Camp wins Thursday's (June 23) referendum over the UK's stay in the European Union, will it create a domino effect in Europe with many other member states also looking to exit? [What is Brexit?]

It might be overstretched to conclude so now but one can't really rule it out too. Sweden, for instance, is a country that loves the EU and polls have also showed that a large number of Swedes prefer to stay in the union but will it be the same club without the UK if Brexit eventually happens? [Will India gain because of Brexit?]


Could there be a Swexit after this?

According to diplomatic experts, Sweden sees the UK as a natural ally since both are coastal countries, mercantile and located on the edge of Europe and not in the Eurozone.

The Swedes also see the UK as a counterbalance to the EU's bigger nations like France and Germany and hence naturally feel that the UK's exit could lead to a disaster. The Swedish political leadership is doing what it can to stop the UK from leaving the EU.

At least one poll has shown that more people in Sweden wants to leave the EU if the UK also exits. Could Brexit see a possible Swexit, i.e., Sweden leaving the EU? The country's right-wing political camp is not entirely against it.

Paula Bieler of Sweden Democrats told Sky News: "Hopefully we will have a referendum as well and a possibility to leave the Union as well, and find new ways and working ways to collaborate throughout Europe rather than have this big state forming where we lose our powers over our own country and sovereignty."

Post-Brexit developments in Sweden will be interesting to watch

The future development in Sweden if the UK indeed pulls out could be significant for if the support for the union diminishes in the former where it is generally strong, then one could guess how it would be elsewhere where the union doesn't enjoy great backing.

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