US presidential poll: Clinton, Trump launch aggresive ad campaigns ahead of vote

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Orlando, Nov 2: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have launched aggressive advertisement campaigns running into millions of dollars, with the two rivals virtually carpet bombing key battleground states with their election rallies a week ahead of the US presidential polls.

The advertisement blitz came as the Clinton campaign battles to contain the fallout from her latest brush with the FBI after the investigating agency revived questions about her use of a private email server as secretary of state.


Latest polls have shown Trump gaining in the opinion polls he trailed until before the announcement by the FBI. Trump and Clinton now are neck-and-neck in several national polls, and in such a situation, the swing states hold the key for them.

Given the schedule of Clinton and Trump, along with President Barack Obama, Ohio and Florida states have emerged as the nucleus of the November 8 presidential elections. On the first day of the last week before the elections, Clinton addressed three rallies in Florida, while Obama campaigned for her in Ohio.

Trump campaigned in Pennsylvania and will address three rallies in Florida over the next two days. Obama would hit the ground in Florida with a series of rallies until tomorrow.

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The two rival campaigns have said new meetings would keep adding to their leaders' schedule even till the last minute. The two campaigns yesterday released video commercials.

According to an estimate, the two campaigns and their supporting groups are expected to spend a whopping USD 42 million on commercial advertisements.

Trump's campaign released a television commerical titled "Choice", which outlines a clear choice voters have between Clinton's "future of stagnation, and Trump's vision for a better, stronger, and more prosperous America."

The commercial serves as Trump's closing argument to the American people, and will air in major markets across the country. "At the end of the day, this election is simply a choice between the stale, failing policies of the past, and Mr Trump's bright, positive vision of the future," said Jason Miller, senior communications advisor to the Trump Campaign.

"The overwhelming majority of Americans believe our country is headed down the wrong path, and this is the direct result of eight years of failures both at home and abroad by the Obama–Clinton administration," he said.

'Hillary for America' is also airing a series of new ads in which Republican voters explain their decision to support Clinton after a recent video showing Trump's revolting views on and actions toward women.

Since the tape was released, 12 women have come forward to confirm Trump engaged in the type of behaviour he had boasted about and then denied. In Dade City, Florida, Clinton continued outlining the choice in this election, including Trump's views, rhetoric and action that show how bad his presidency would be for women and girls.


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