Cleveland shooting: Cop approached the boy, shot him within seconds, shows the new video

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Cleveland, Nov 27: A video released by the police on Wednesday shows that the police officer who shot and killed a 12-year-old Afro-American boy outside a Cleveland recreation center, fired at the boy within two seconds after he approached the boy.

The video shows he shooting the guy within two seconds after the patrol car he was riding in was pulled up next to the boy, said a NYT report.

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The video was made public at the request of the boy's family.

The boy, Tamir Rice, is seen in the video walking in the park pointing what resembled a weapon.  Reportedly, the police arrived at the park afterthey got a 911 call, in which the caller said that "a guy" who appeared to be a juvenile was pointing a pistol at people and scaring them. The caller, according to the details released by the police, had twice noted that the gun was "probably fake."

The police later found that it as an "airsoft" replica gun resembling a semiautomatic pistol.

Earlier, the police had said that the officer yelled at Tamir three times to show his hands, but the boy instead reached to his waistband for the gun-like object.

Now, after the St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict darren Wilson, a white police man who shot dead a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri in August this year, the protests have intensified.

In Cleveland, people protested both Tamir's shooting and the grand jury's decision.

The grainy video was released by the police at a news conference. It was obtained from a security camera at the recreation center.

It has been known that the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office will present evidence to a grand jury, which will decide whether to bring charges against the officer who shot dead Tamir.

At the press meet , the police also released the names of the two officers involved in the shooting. They have been sent on administrative leave.

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