China: Plane flies successfully using cooking oil

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Beijing, March 21: What do restaurants in China do with waste cooking oil that remains at the end of the day? Well, they collect it and use it to fuel an aircraft!

In a bid to promote greater environment sustainability, a Chinese commercial airline used a mix of biofuel made from 'waste cooking oil and conventional jet fuel and completed its flight from Shanghai to Beijing.

China: Aircraft flies using cooking oil

The waste oil, which is not supposed to be used for human consumption, was collected and used in the aircraft.

This is however not the first time that an airline has used biofuel for commercial purposes. In 2012, a flight took off from Ottawa, Canada using biofuel.

There have been several countries who have used biofuel and commercial jet fuel for their aircrafts. Australia too has tested biofuel for its commercial flights.

Sinopec, an energy giant, which was involved in the functioning of this Chinese flight was earlier criticised in a documentary which showed that 'waste oil' was illegally used for human consumption.

Sinopec said that there were several uses to the waste oil, one being using it in the aviation industry.

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