VIDEO: Man turns into human fireball after ramming into a car!

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VIDEO: Man turns into human fireball!
Beijing, Nov 3: In a hair-raising incident in China, a motorcyclist turned into a human fireball after colliding with a car.

The accident took place in the city of Quzhou in eastern China's Zhejiang province.

Feng Ku, 32, turned into a human fireball within  seconds after he crashed into the side of a car. Due to the impact of the crash, Feng Ku and his bike were thrown off balance and fell.

The impact left the bike's petrol tank ruptured and leaking fuel and the sparks from the skidding bike lit the petrol and engulfed Feng.

The driver of the car watched helplessly from inside the vehicle for few seconds and then ran after Feng.

An onlooker said, "There was a horrific bang and screeching of brakes and then I saw the guy fly off his bike and land on the ground. Then he just burst into flames and ran off with a bloodcurdling scream."

On fire, Feng ran around looking for something to douse the flames with.

Luckily, he survived what could have been a fatal accident. He was taken to hospital with minor burns and is in a stable condition.

A CCTV footage shows Feng's suit catch fire just seconds before his bike burst into flames. Within seconds, he seen on his feet running away even as the fire engulfs him.

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