Canadians to vote today, huge turnout expected

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Ottawa, Oct 19: A huge turn-out is expected on Monday as people in Canada is set to vote for in fiercely-contested parliamentary elections.

Incumbent Conservative PM Stephen Harper is seeking a rare fourth term but Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, son of late prime minister Pierre Trudeau has emerged as the frontrunner.

anadians to vote today

If Trudeau witnesses victory in the election it could ease Canada's tensions with US President Barack Obama's administration.

According to experts Trudeau victory would make a thaw in relations between the two countries more likely, and would help to facilitate action on issues such as climate change, reported the Guardian.

The Canadian Parliament is comprised of 338 constituencies, called ridings. Members of parliament are elected in a "first past the post" system where the candidate with the most votes wins.

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Canada's prime minister is chosen by a majority vote in Parliament, either by one party or through a coalition.

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