California: Man forces relative into sex slavery, sentenced for 22 yrs

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San Francisco, Feb 12: In a shocking incident in California, a man was sentenced to 22 years in jail after he was held for forcing a relative into sex slavery. He had allegedly confined the woman at his backyard for 15 years, forcing himself on her.

Prosecutors said that 52 year old Raul Ochoa started controlling the woman ever since she was 12, keeping her locked in his room.

Although the name and the relation of the victim has not been revealed, a letter by her describes what she has been going through till her escape. Now, in her late 20s, the victim says she is still haunted by the memories of the abuse.

"I remember he would look at me with fearless eyes, without any compassion at all," the woman said of Ochoa. "He should have taken care of me, but he didn't." She contrasts this to her new life, saying,"I have friends who look out for me like you never did...I have fun," she said. "I know there's no one waiting outside of the bathroom for me."

The woman finally escaped in August 2012 at the age of 27 when she was helped by her family members. Nicole Abetkov, a Richmond Police Sergeant further added that she hid in the city of Berkley for three days before telling the police.

Ochoa was pleaded guilty last month on three counts-one for a lewd act on a child and 2 counts of forcible rape under a deal of sparing the victim from testifying in court. He can now get parole only after serving 85% of his jail term and registering as a sex offender after being released.

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