Boko Haram militants continue to abduct school girls, marry them later on

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Boko Haram men marrying abducted girls
Abuja, Sept 5: Nigeria's Boko Haram militants, who abducted over 100 school girls earlier this year are now said to be married to the same school girls. Reports suggest that the girls have been forced to convert to Islam and are being married off to the members of the militant group.

Reports also suggest that girls who were abducted were facing many forms sexual violence, including rape and assault.

A new report launched at the United Nations on Thursday said that more girls were being kidnapped by the militant group. The report reveals that Boko Haram abducts boys and girls and sometimes even pressurizes families asking their kids to join the group.

Many schools have been closed down after the group abducted several school girls.

Those who managed to escape the captivity of the militants recall how girls were harassed. Meanwhile, the Nigerian government is holding talks with neighbouring countries seeking to put a stop to the group's activities.

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