Bizarre: UK woman punishes her cat by putting it in the microwave

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UK woman microwaves her cat
London, Feb 24: Nothing can get more bizarre than this incident. A woman in UK punished her pet cat and killed it when she put the cat in the microwave.

23-year-old Laura Cunliffe put her 4-month-old pet cat Mowgli in the microwave for five mintues after she thought that it had eaten her goldfish. Cunliffe pleaded guilty for the incident.

According to reports, after putting Mowgli in the microwave, Cunliffe removed the kitten from the microwave and realised that the kitten was still alive.

The kitten died 90 mintues later. A court said that the kitten died because its internal organs had been cooked and it could not breath. Cunliffe will be sentenced next month after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

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