Bizarre! 'Cash' gives a new lease of life to a man in 'Coma'

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Beijing, Jan 12: It is said that with money, one can buy everything but not life. But, it proved wrong in the case of a money-driven Chinese man, who woke up from coma, after notes were wafted under his nose.

A 30-year-old Chinese man, who was in coma, since August 2013, got a new lease of life when notes were wafted under his nose. The miraculous incident happened in Shenzhen city of Southern China's Guangdong Province.


The bizarre report was published in Mirror, that said Xiao Li spent sleepless nights in August 2013, when he was searching for business ideas in a cyber cafe.

In an attempt to bring him from long slumber, the nurses treating him wafted cash under his notes to revive his memory.

The nurses and doctors were shocked and amazed when Xiao woke up from coma, after more than a year.

The family members of Xiao also told doctors that money has been a driving force in his life.

After getting the crucial information, the doctors experimented to revive him by wafting a crisp, 100 Yuan banknote
, that worked instantly!

One of the doctor, who treated him, said, immediately after the note was crumpled under his nose, his eyelids flickered and he twitched his fingers.

He is still recovering in the hospital, is making good progress and will be discharged soon.

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