Beware of driving in flip flops in France: Woman slapped fine of €90

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Paris, July 14: Authorities in France has slapped a fine of €90 on a woman for driving in flip flops, media reported.

Woman was slapped fine while driving along a country road near the south western city of Toulouse at the weekend, The reported.

Woman fined for driving in flip flops

"They stopped me to check my papers and looked in the car to check everything was in order," the woman said.

"It was a female police officer who stopped me. I opened the door and she noticed my feet and said to me: "I am obliged to give you a fine. You are not allowed to drive with these kind of shoes, that are not attached to the feet."

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"I really thought she was joking. But no. I left with a €90 fine - the price of a pair of shoes," she said.

In March 2014 a court in Corsica effectively ruled that it was forbidden to drive in high heels.

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