Beware of attacks by IS within US borders, officials warn US soldiers

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Washington, Dec 2: The Islamic State forces are planning to attack the military personnel within the borders of the United States, the army officials have warned the personnel, said a ABC News report.

According to a joint intelligence bulletin sent to law enforcement agencies by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, members of the US military were asked to erase their personal details from online social media accounts to avoid attention from "violent extremists," or reveal service members' identity.

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The IS terrorists, who have taken over parts of Iraq and Syria, have been trying to make inroads into other parts of the world as well. Of late, the US and Western countries are facing threats from a steady rise in home-grown extremism.

The US government said on Sunday that it had got intelligence information that Islamic State militants were targeting the United States within its borders. 

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The US government became more alert after two Canadian soldiers were killed in their native place in October. Police suspect that the attacks were carried out by converts to Islam.

The warning were issued afterv the US government noticed a rise in social media postings by suspected militants threatening US service members. 

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