Bengaluru lakes, an imp part of the folk lore, reveal epigraphs

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Bengaluru, June 26: The very lakes in the city that can be spotted with white chemical froth and other pollutants have a rich history. Very few know the real story behind the innumerable lakes here.

The epigraphs and inscriptions on hero stones and temple foundation, metal plates and many more reveal the origin of the lakes. The oldest inscription ever found near the lake Agara belongs to 870 AD.


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It said,"The Irvvuliyur odeya, Irugamayya's son Sirimayya, fixed sluices to the two tanks, had the eastern tank built, and obtained the bittuvatta of the three tanks.

The construction of lakes had a motivation in those days as people with one would have granted with either a dry patch of agricultural land above the lake, a wet land below it or trees and wells.

The beginning of a settlement, these lakes seemed to be very important even back in AD 1307.

An inscription from AD 1307 found in Vibhutipura, for instance said,"local residents having cleared the jungle in the tract of land adjoining Peru­Erumur, levelled the ground, built a village, constructed a tank by removing the sand, and named the village Vacchidevarapiram".

Some of these lakes also were oblations to various Gods and Goddesses. lakes were dedicated to worship of Gods or when any of their wishes were fulfilled.

A 1266 inscription near Krishnarajapuram describes the construction of a tank by a woman seeking merit for her family. Two other lakes were dedicated to save a kinsman and to ensure victory to a local chiefstain.

Grants on lakes were granted from 21 generations to infinity. But violators were strictly death with.

They were cursed with horrifying punishments ranging sin of having slaughtered cows and Brahmins, to be born as worms in dung, and perhaps the worst: to be born "the husband of his own mother". Drawing some attention to the problem, it is important to re-iterate the rich history of the formation of lakes.

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