Battle of the sexes: Transgender gives birth to a baby boy in Germany

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Berlin, Aug 25: Although an old story, the journey of this German transgender from pregnancy to fatherhood continues to amuse one and all.

Considered to be the first in Europe, this man maintained the female reproductive organs of a woman and was taking hormone replacement therapies for years to switch sexes. He got pregnant through sperm donation in the year 2013 and gave birth to a baby boy.

Thomas Beatie

The identity of the man is not yet known, but it is said that he was born a woman. He delivered the baby at his home with the help of midwives in the poor Neukoellin district of Berlin.

He insisted on this process as he did not want to be listed as a mother on any of the hospital documents, which is a legal requirement in Germany. Details of the sperm donor was not revealed as the father did not want undue attention for his son.


An official from the Berlin Senate Administration for Internal Affairs said,"The person in question did not want to appear as a mother but as a father on the birth certificate and that request has been honoured.'

While the media appeared shocked by the news back then, Germany's Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that an individual no longer had to remove his/her reproductive organs to be legally perceived as the gender he wants to be transformed into. Thomas Beatie of US is a case in point who gave birth to three children.

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