Video: Australia shows the Power of people, a train tilted to rescue a passenger in Perth

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Video: People tilt train to rescue a man
Perth, Aug 6: Australians showed the power of people. A group of people along with police tilted a train to rescue a passenger in Perth on Wednesday, Aug 6.

Dozens of commuters helped police to free the passengers whose leg was trapped between a carriage and a platform. According to reports, the man was boarding in the Western Australia city of Perth when he slipped and became jammed in the five-centimetre (0.4-inch) gap between the carriage and the station, operator Transperth said in a statement.

Initially, all passengers of the train were told to step aside in a single row. Cops hoped that their weight would shift it away from his leg, reported a local news paper.

However, their first idea failed to help the stranded person. Later railway staff told commuters stand on the platform and lined up in a row along the platform to tilt the carriage away from the man so he could be lifted out.

A sources was quoted as saying, "It is the first time we've seen something like this happen. We were really fortunate that the staff were there straight away... and all of the passengers not only listened to the instructions from staff, but pitched in and helped."

The source also added, "This is a real case of passengers of working together... and people power are the perfect words to describe it."

Media reports informed that the victim was treated by paramedics and caught a train later. One eyewitness said, "The end result here is: really lucky for the man involved, but really nice as well to see that everyone came together as a community."

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