Aussie man has a creepy crawly experience due to a cockroach

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Cockroach causes agony for Aussie man
Sydney, Jan 10: This man's ordeal could send shivers down your spine. A man in Australia had a horrific nightmarish experience when a large cockroach (2 cm big) burrowed into his ear.

In spite of desperate attempts to suck out the cockroach with a vaccum cleaner, the cockroach refused to budge from his ear. The man, Hendrik Helmer's ordeal began on Wednesday after he woke up and realised that he was experiencing a sharp pain in his ear.

The cockroach that entered Helmer's ear was 2 cm big

"I was hoping that it was not a poisonous spider. I was hoping it didn't bite me," he said. The excruciating pain got so worse that he tried to suck it out using a vaccum cleaner and even put some water in his ear.

Since the pain got unbearable, Helmer's flatmate rushed him to a hospital, where the doctors put oil into the ear. On adding the oil, the cockroach tried crawling in deeper but eventually died.

Following this, the doctors used a pair of forceps and pulled the roach out. The doctors said that this was the biggest insect that they had pulled out of somebody's ear.

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