Alleged founder of world's biggest online piracy site arrested

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Washington, July 21: Artem Vaulin, the Ukrainian national who is believed to be the ringleader of Kickass Torents, the world's biggest online piracy site, was arrested in Poland on Wednesday.

Thirty-year-old Vaulin's extradition has been sought by the US Department of Justice as he faces charges of copyright infringement and moneylaundering. A court in Chicago, too, has asked for seizure of seven Internet domains and a bank account belonging to Vaulin..

Biggest piracy site 'founder' netted

Over 50 million users share entertainment and other content on Kickass Torents in a month and the site is known to be unlawfully distributing copyrighter materials worth over $1 billion.

File-sharing sites also have their share of defenders who say that the practice doesn't flout the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which deals with intellectual property offences for it only sees sharing of data. They rather put it in the users' court by saying they are the one who flout the law by sharing copyrighted material.

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