A cornered Bhagdadi sends out a desperate cry to ISIS operatives

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Bengaluru, Nov 3: Amidst reports of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi being surrounded by the Iraqi army an audio clip has surfaced. The ISIS released an audio clip of Bhagdadi in which he is heard saying, " this is what Allah and his messengers promised us."


There has also been hectic activity on the social media with pro ISIS handles urging the killing of non-Muslims in the West. On the social media there were poems being posted which speak about the importance of killing non-Muslims in the West.

In the audio clip, Bhagdadi has termed this as a Sunni vs Shia war. The SITE Intel Group says that Bhagdadi is trying to rally his fighters in the wake of this offensive by the Iraqi forces. He is also heard calling for attacks on Turkey while saying that the Shias are doing everything in their power to take over the country.

Even if I am killed, the fight must go on says Bhagdadi. He tells fighters around the world to continue fighting if he is killed. Many deaths have taken place recently, but that not weakened the ISIS, he also says.

The Iraqi forces entered Mosul for the first time in two years. Bhagdadi the supreme commander of the ISIS is beleived to be hiding in Mosul. Several observers say that the end is near for Bhagdadi. The death of Bhagdadi will weaken the ISIS considerably and the outfit would have to immediately declare a new Caliph.

The Iraqi forces are confident that they would beat the ISIS down and even kill Bhagdadi. The ISIS is unlikely to overcome this challenge as it has already lost several of its fighters. There are currently around 5,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul and 1,500 on the outskirts.

According to reports many would try to make an escape bid, but would find it hard.
The death of Bhagdadi will no doubt weaken the outfit a great deal. However there is also a lurking danger of the ISIS taking the fight to the main land. Several pro-ISIS handles have already urged its fighters to carrry out attacks outside of Iraq and Syria. The audio clip released also makes it clear that the fight is far from over and the West would increasingly be targeted.

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