More than 50 US diplomats want Washington to strike Syria's Assad

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Washington, June 17: Fifty-one officials of the US State Department have signed an internal memorandum protesting Washington's stand on Syria and called for targeted military attacks against the president of the war-torn country in West Asia---Bashar al-Assad.

These officials feel the current US policy is helping the Syrian president strengthen his position and weakening the Opposition.

bashar al assad

Though filing of internal "dissent cables" through State Department channels is not unique, but seeing 51 diplomats taking an opposite stand to a White House position is quite unusual.

Sources in the State Department though acknowledged receipt of the memo but did not make any remarks on its contents.

The memo has sought a credible military threat against Assad's government, failing which, it feels his regime would never negotiate with the rebels.

There have been instances of violation of ceasefire by both Opposition and the government and the joint US-Russia peace process has apparently declined, helping Damascus.

Assad has openly defied the agreement and backed by Russia and Iran, he is iming to regain the strategic points like the crucial city of Aleppo. 

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