40 terror camps crop up in Pakistan as ISIS makes inroads

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Islamabad, March 19:‎ Even as home minister Rajnath Singh stated clearly that as long as Pakistan abets terrorism there would be no peace in South Asia, Indian Intelligence Bureau officials have found that there are at least 40 terror camps still operating in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the rest of Pakistan.

The training camps are seeing increased activity, intelligence bureau officials point even as an alert was issued yesterday warning of attacks in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.


Training for India and Afghanistan:

The IB report suggests these camps are training at least 300 fighters. These camps are the elite training units of terrorist groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. While their priority would be to renew the battle in Kashmir there are a good number of them being readied for Afghanistan as well.

Pakistan has been training a large number of operatives to battle in Afghanistan. As has repeatedly pointed out it would trust the Lashkar more than another group as there have been no instance of this group going against the establishment.

The battle for Afghanistan:

The battle in Afghanistan is extremely crucial for Pakistan and it would want it's best proxies‎ to hold turf for them. Moreover, Pakistan generated terror groups would want to help both the Afghan Taliban and the Al-Qaeda which prepares to take on ISIS and the Tehrik-e-Taliban.

There are several stake holders in Afghanistan and Pakistan at any cost would not want to loses the battle to the ISIS or Tehrik-e-Taliban. Both these outfits have not come under the control of the ISI and hence letting them take guard in Afghansitan would become a nightmare for Pakistan.

Another outfit joins ISIS:

Several Pakistan-based outfits have pledged their support to the ISIS. The new group to pledge support to the ISIS and the Tehrik-e-Taliban is the Lashkar-e-Islam.

The LeI is a lesser known group but can be lethal when it comes to ground combat. They bring with them at least 200 hardcore fighters who are very familiar with the terrain in Afghanistan.

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