How low will the Asaram brigade stoop? A 'smearing' campaign now!

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Asaram Bapu
Indore, Sept 5: A country that 'believes' in Ramrajya is turning into a hell. Is there no respite for women here? One would ask and would be even more disappointed to know that the answer is in the negative, always.

But smearing a 16 year old rape victim is outrageous!

Already traumatized by the events of August 15, the girl from Jodhpur has to brace herself for more harassment. The Asaram brigade is now planning to launch a 'smear' rally against the girl. They have printed pamphlets with her picture and are stepping in every household of  Indore to ask for people's support for the cause.

This show of insensitivity and shame is happening in broad day light and the police can do nothing. Why? because it is a 'democratic' country that encourages peaceful rallies? Well, in that case a democratic country should also let women lead their lives freely. Is that happening? No.

So, what's happening?

Asaram's Indore ashram is abuzz, with the 'sevaks' dialling numbers from a long list that they never used before. Calls are being made frantically to people seeking their support in the 'Maun' rally fighting Asaram's case and shamelessly smearing the girl. No wonder, the calls got good response. Approximately, 5000 people have shown their consent in joining the rally.

And as part of the 'smearing' campaign, the pamphlets display how the Class XII student trapped Asaram with her statments that were completely contrary to the circumstances. Campaigners say that Delhi police has committed a mistake in registering the case as rape, while it was allegedly 'molestation'. Considering it is the truth, we ask whether 'molestation; is a lesser crime than rape!

Why did her parents inform the police after 5 days of the incident? is another question. The word 'trauma' is not unfamiliar to us (we believe), especially in the case of a minor who has been raped/molested. She might have taken a few days to muster up courage to tell her parents about it. Moreover, in a country like India, it takes time to even determine the right post where the complaint can be lodged.

Many such questions will be asked now and in the future. But, all said and done, can we really justify trespassing a woman's modesty with 'peaceful' protests? is a question that we throw at the readers.

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