Yoga for sound mental and physical health: Muslim clerics

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Kota/Bundi, Jun 17: Terming yoga as a perfect exercise for sound physical and mental health, Muslim clerics today said the ancient exercise form should not be connected to a particularly religion.

Bundi Shahar Quazi Abdul Shakur said yoga is the best exercise for mental and physical health and expressed regret over politicisation of the issue.

Yoga a perfect exercise: Muslim clerics

He said he would recommend everyone, including members of the Muslim community, to take up yoga exercises.

The Qazi said he himself practices yoga and added that it should be kept aside from any religion or community. He said Ramzan is expected to commence on June 18 else he too would have participated in the yoga sessions to be held on International Yoga Day.

However, the Qazi objected to practice of Surya Namaskar saying that Islam believes and worships only the Creator not His creations. Kota Shahar Quazi Anwaar Ahmed said yoga is a perfect exercise for holistic human development but said it was unacceptable to connect Surya Namaskar with a particular religion.

He said yoga is simply a ideal exercise form and one should accept it without connecting it to any religion and added that the positions practiced while performing namaaz were similiar to yoga asanas.

Everyone is free to practice yoga if they desire, he added. Anwar Ahmed, President of an NGO in Kota, said yoga cures several diseases and even doctors recommend it.

He said he would attend the yoga sessions with his family on International Yoga Day. Expressing disappointment over connecting yoga to a particular religion, he said it is an exercise form and it should be treated in the same manner.

Meanwhile, Bundi District Collector Neha Giri yesterday issued directives to officials for International Yoga Day and asserted that it is not mandatory for member of any community or religion to participate in the exercises to be conducted.

One can attend the event scheduled to be organized between 6.40 to 7.40 am at all Gram Panchyat, block and district level, Giri said.


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