Karachi Project: A institutionalised plan to destroy India

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New Delhi, Sept 4: Indian Mujahideen (IM) founder member Yasin Bhatkal, who was recently arrested near the India-Nepal border in Bihar, reportedly told the interrogators that he first heard about the Karachi Project when he joined hands with Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal, said an article. The latter was leading the IM till 2008.

The sinister project, which aimed to "create bad publicity, fear and death in India", was a covert programme given shape by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence in 2003 and kicked off by the IM later in 2008. It wants to destabilise the Indian government and scare its people through frequent terror strikes.

Pakistan wanted the Karachi Project to shield it from direct charges

The project looked at creating a domestic terror outfit to carry out terror attacks across India. The idea was also to shield Pakistan's support behind such activities through the domestic outfit for Islamabad had received flak from the outside world all these years for its direct involvement in the terror acts in India.

It was reported that the Karachi Project had nitrate adequate to carry out 100 blasts in India. The Karachi Project had commenced with the Bangalore blasts of 2008 but the operation did not go as per the expected lines. Later, blasts were carried out in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi to signal that the project was fully implemented.

Bhatkal also reportedly told the interrogators that 30 terrorists are currently present across India.

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