Yasin's laptop, a pandora's box; mentions Osama and future attacks

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Yasin Bhatkal
New Delhi, Feb 25: Yasin Bhatkal, the co-founder of Indian Mujahideen has more secrets that he revealed.

An examination of his laptop and his inbox sent shock waves through the country as NIA referred to the future plans of the group to attack Pune and Delhi.

It left little to imagine when the terrorist also mentioned Osama bin Laden as his inspiration and idol. The terrorist also mentioned showing Osama's videos to inspire the new recruits.

In an explosive chat between Yasin Bhatkal and Mirza Shaadab Baig, a top IM Leader in Karachi, Pakistan, a suicide attack on the Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad in Gujarat was planned.

Akhtar said,"I was thinking let's change the pattern and do something bigger. I thought if we need to do depo (suicide attack, also known as fidayeen attack) then what better place than Gujarat." [Read Full Report]

They also discussed the damage that may cause out of attacking the police that would leave a gaping hole in the Indian judiciary.

The chats also revealed their plans to collect funds for the attacks by kidnapping rich businessmen and taking the aid of the Maoists in Nepal. Showing sympathy for Afzal Khan and Ajmal Kasab, the duo also discussed the possibility of attacking the Akshardham Temple.

Interestingly, the chat records also revealed the internal split that the IM was facing these days and their links with the Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).

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