Writing slogans on rice grains to create poll awareness

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Poll awareness through rice slogans
Jaipur, April 4:  A woman artist here has adopted a unique method to create awareness on the importance of voting - writing poll-related slogans on rice grains - and plans to display them at public places to draw the attention of voters.

The 57-year-old Niru Chhabra says she chose 16 slogans to motivate people to vote and prepared the grains with miniature writing over a period of nearly two months.

"The idea struck me two months ago and I wrote 16 selected slogans on rice grains - one word on one rice, with black paint with a brush," she told PTI.

"Each slogan, written on few grains, has been displayed on paperboard and decorated with coloured beads and other material in order to make it more attractive," she says.

Chhabra, who started writing on rice in 1984, says she plans to display the slogans at public places to the catch attention of voters. Till now, she has written 108 letters on a single grain of rice with a brush besides Gayatri and Namokar mantras.


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