World closing doors on Syrian refugees is an ISIS plot?

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New Delhi, Nov 18: When one says Syrian refugee there are a lot of thoughts that come to the mind. Humanity or security risk or both? In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, there was a finger that was pointed towards the involvement of Syrian returnees.

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However nothing concrete has been established so far regarding that link, although investigators have suggested that the probe is still at a very preliminary stage.

World closing doors on Syrian refugees

The Syrian refugee crisis has been a subject matter of debate and security concerns have led to many nations deciding to keep their borders closed.

After the Paris attacks, the debate regarding the Syrian refugees was heard yet again as a Syrian Passport with the name Ahmad al-Mohammad was found near the body of the suicide bomber.

However this has been debated with several authorities suggesting that the passport may be fake and a ploy by the ISIS to make the world hate the refugees.

Are the Syrian refugees bearing the brunt?
To call all the Syrian refugees a security threat is nothing but self defeating. Let us remember that the ISIS was not too pleased with the idea that many countries were providing shelter to thousands of refugees leaving Syria. There are a couple of points that come to mind when speaking about the passport found on the attack site near the suicide bomber.

If it is indeed proven that the passport did belong to a Syrian refugee then the danger is real. There would be a need to re-think the strategy regarding the refugees and also put in place a better mechanism which would involve multiple layers of screening. However the passport angle to the investigation may just be bunked and several authorities have already confirmed it as fake.

Why would a suicide bomber carry with him his original passport? Did the suicide bomber carry the fake passport intentionally to ensure that all refugees are hated. French authorities have also said that the a person by the name Ahmad Al-Mohammad was a loyal soldier in the Bashar al-Assad regime and had died a few months ago.

Was this a ploy by the ISIS to make the French believe that Assad had planned this strike?

While these are questions that would require some thought, the fact is that in the days to come the Syrian refugees will bear the brunt. There are many hapless people who have fled their country to seek shelter elsewhere. However they are bound to bear the brunt in the future and many countries have already closed their borders.

Attackers are European citizens:
The initial probe points to the fact that the Paris attackers were European citizens. The ISIS has a great number of youth from France and UK who have left their countries to fight alongside the ISIS. There are a good number of them who have been radicalized and have continued to remain in their home countries. These lot are in fact more dangerous than the ones who have come from Syria as refugees.

The ISIS will do everything to ensure that the Syrian refugees are not welcome in other countries. The ISIS does not want the Syrians to leave the country. Instead they want them to stay back and support the ISIS and its Islamic Caliphate ambition.

Moreover the ISIS has already conveyed that these refugees are infidels as they seek shelter in the West. In fact a video message by the ISIS for the Syrian refugees states, Would you exchange what is better for you for what is less."

Experts feel that the ISIS will try and give the refugees a bad name. While planning attacks they would always bear in mind to drag the Syrian refugees into it. The ISIS has just one intent and that is to ensure that the world closes their doors on the Syrian refugees.

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