Will this man help unearth the political link to Burdwan blasts?

Written by: Vicky Nanjappa
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Bengaluru, Dec 26: Investigators probing a political link to the Burdhwan blasts may have have a key lead to work upon. The outburst by Saidur Rehman a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh operative that he is well connected the Trinamool Congress Party is something that the National Investigating Agency (NIA) would probe.

India had shared information with Bangladesh regarding two persons Saidur Rehman and Abdul Salik and had stated that they were part of the Burdhwan module.

Will this man help unearth the political link to Burdwan?

Both these persons have now been arrested by the Bangladesh police and are being questioned and it is a matter of time before they are sent to India for further investigation.

What did Rehman blurt out?

Saidur Rehman is an important cadre in the JMB circles. He was more of a go in between for the India and Bangladesh chapter of the JMB. He has been operating in West Bengal since the year 2009 and according to the NIA has played a very crucial role in setting up the modules.

After his arrest this 48 year old operative said at Dhaka to the police that they need to be careful as he is a well connected man. I have very strong links with the Trinamool Congress Party.

Is the claim real?

The NIA says that they will bring down this man for more information. During the questioning we will get into the details of his links with the political parties in India.

Accused persons normally tend to throw up big names when they are arrested. However we want to be very sure of what he is saying and there is a possibility that he could have been connected with some lower rung members of the party.

The JMB have been setting up their modules with the help of political connections. Moreover their links to the SIMI have only helped them enter into some political circles and this has provided them with the necessary cover that they needed. We do not know for a fact if the politicians were aware of what the JMB was up to, but we will get to the bottom of it the NIA officer also told Oneindia.

Abdul Salik:

He is another operative that the NIA will probe once he is brought down to India. The role of Salik came to light during the investigation which revealed that he was a border operative who ensured that the infiltration of the JMB cadres into India took place.

Salik had helped at least 25 women from Bangladesh enter into India to be part of the JMB network. The NIA says that he is one among the many who had helped set up the network in West Bengal for the JMB. He too like Rehman had first come to West Bengal in 2009 and had been working here ever since.

However he along with 15 other crucial operatives slipped out of the country the moment the Burdhwan incident came to light. We had provided information to the Bangladesh police about the same and they have reacted very quickly and have nabbed several of them, the NIA says.

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