Will Pakistan help NIA in the underworld killings case?

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New Delhi, Dec 21: The National Investigating Agency which has already sent requests to the United States of America will now seek assistance from South Africa and Pakistan to help crack the Bharuch murder case.

The NIA is probing the murders of two BJP leaders from Bharuch in Gujarat alleged to have been carried out by the underworld in a bid to create communal tension.


The NIA is also finding out if these murders were a stand alone incident or is it connected to a host of other incidents in the country orchestrated by the underworld in a bid to create communal clashes.
The request that would be sent to Pakistan is extremely important.

The murders were allegedly masterminded by Javed Chikna who is currently in Karachi. Moreover he is part of the D-Gang and hence the assistance of Pakistan would be crucial to the case.

Will Pakistan help?

The NIA officer says that there is no harm in sending a request seeking help. Whether they would help us or not is not something that I can comment on the officer said. Pakistan has to first accept the existence of the Dawood and his men on their soil.

However the NIA has another plan and that would be to seek the assistance of South Africa. One of the conspirators in the case, Jabo alias Miyan is based in South Africa. Investigations show that he had taken orders from Chikna to carry out the Bharuch killings.

The NIA is however more hopeful that South Africa being a friendly country would offer assistance in this case. The information that India could get from South Africa will help the probe a great deal.

Not only would it lead up to Chikna's trail, but also help the NIA learn if more such killings across the country were planned.

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