Will BJP get majority in Rajya Sabha? Here are the numbers

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The big wins for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand will change the party's fortunes in the Rajya Sabha where it has always struggled for the want of numbers. By August 2018, the dynamics in the Rajya Sabha will change dramatically in favour of the BJP.

Will BJP get majority in Rajya Sabha?

Mayawati, the BSP's chief and nine others are due to retire from the Rajya Sabha in August 2018. The BSP will have a very difficult time to re-elect Mayawati back to the Rajya Sabha as the party managed to win just 19 out of the 403 seats in the UP assembly elections 2017.

While 10 from UP will face the Rajya Sabha elections in 2018, one seat from Goa and Uttarakhand too will be up for grabs. The BJP is in a position to get all the 12 seats in the Rajya Sabha and this would make it the single largest party in the upper house.

The BJP at present has 56 members in the Rajya Sabha as opposed to the 59 held by the Congress. However with the BJP being to elect at least 12 members, it would change the number and would make the party the largest in the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

The current tally in the Rajya Sabha stands at, Congress-59, BJP-56, Samajwadi Party-18, AIADMK- 13, Trinamool Congress- 11, Janata Dal (United)-10, Telugu Desam Party- 6, Bahujan Samaj Party-6 and the Nationalist Congress Party-5.

In 2018, the tenure of four RS MPs from Gujarat, one from Himachal Pradesh will also come to an end. The two states poll later this year and the results would have a bearing on the RS numbers as well.

2018 would also see the tenure of five MPs from Madhya Pradesh, four each from Rajasthan and Karnataka and one from Chattisgarh coming to an end. The BJP has a majority in all these states barring Karnataka. A win in Karnataka next year would also help the BJP muster up a big number in the Rajya Sabha.

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