Why is Shiv Sena making loose comments on PM Modi?

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Why Sena making loose comments on Modi?
New Delhi, Oct 15: It is being said that in politics one must be cautious with his/her choice of words even for opponents. But, the words used in Shiv Sena's official mouthpiece, Saamna, in it's latest article on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one can only say that its editor Prem Shukla has simply not chosen his words wisely.

No doubt there is a cut throat competition between rival parties in politics to get public attention but this doesn't allows a party to cross the limit. Every political party is bound to maintain its as well as their rival's dignity.

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Shukla in the Saamna article wrote, "Had there been no Shiv Sena, even Damodardas Modi (Narendra Modi's father) could not have helped the BJP get clear majority."

According to senior writer Awadhesh Kumar, "Prem Shukla, with his lewd writing on PM Modi, has brought disrespect to his office. It must be understood that, had Shukla not written such derogatory remarks neither he nor Shiv Sena had been able to garner media attention."

Use of derogatory language

Apart from being a Shiv Sena leader, Prem Shukla is also a journalist, a scholar and has an understanding of language. He could have been critical of Modi even by avoiding such derogatory words. Use of foul words have no relevance in public as well as in the political arena.

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One must always remember that Narendra Modi is not just a politician but also the Prime Minister of India. Making loose comments on Modi also means abusing the chair of Prime Minister of India.

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