Why are the naxals are on a retreat

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New Delhi, Oct 5: The battle against the naxals is never easy and the Indian security agencies have lost a lot of good men in this fight over the years. However the new approach by the CRPF has ensured that the naxals are on a retreat and there are statisitics to show why the agency is winning the war.

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While the CRPF along with the help of the police of states affected by the naxal problem have managed to break the network to a large extent, the only daunting task is relating to the landmines. The lives lost are mostly due to landmines and the security mechanism is working on ways to tackle this issue as well.

Why are the naxals are on a retreat

Overpowering the naxals:

In the year 2014 the CRPF has lost 50 of its men. However in the year 2015, the count has reduced to 4. The loss of weapons by the CRPF to the naxals has been brought down to 1 this year as compared to the 31 last year.

The CRPF has also managed to gun down 31 naxals this year and effect 377 surrenders. In the year 2014, the number of surrenders was 233 and the naxals killed was 24.

The problem with landmines:

The problem that continues to haunt the CRPF and the respective state police are the landmines. Naxals are experts at laying landmines and most of the officers and soldiers tend to lose their life due to landmines. The statistics would indicate that the CRPF in 2014 had recovered 904 landmines while in the year 2015 it has been 1303 already.

An official said that this continues to be the biggest problem and our soldiers are very often caught unawares. This continues to be the biggest problem in the naxal affected zones and we need to curb and control the problem to ensure that the loss of lives of our soldiers and officers is brought down to zero.

We are constantly upgrading technology and are training officers to sniff out landmines. We are limiting the problem a great deal and if one looks at the recovery there have been improvements, the officer also noted.

Informer network:

The CRPF and the state police have also enhanced their informer network which is helping the cause a great deal. There used to be a time when we would enter into a blind zone with no local support what so ever. However things are changing and there are a great number of villagers who want to support us as they are fed up with the naxals and the violence.

The CRPF also ensured that with the help of the local police, it drew up a list of all the informers of the naxals. The informers are the backbones of the naxals and the agencies have managed to draw up a list of at least 300 in various states faced with the problem.

The naxals are clearly on a retreat now with a majority of their network broken. However we cannot relax and will fight until the last naxal is killed, officials also say.

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