Why are so many Pakistan boats lying abadoned along the Gujarat coast?

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Ahmedabad, March 11: In the past four months several boats have been found along the Gujarat coast. The number of abandoned boats has shot up since November 2015 and the exact number of them recovered is 8.

This has not only created a security scare, but also puzzled security agencies as to why so many boats from Pakistan have been abandoned along the Sir Creek area in Gujarat.


This is the most favoured route for both terrorists and drug smugglers when they attempt entering India from Pakistan. There have been numerous instances in the past as well when suspicious activity has been reported along this coast.

Officials that OneIndia spoke with say that investigations have shown that these boats are abandoned by drug smugglers after they transfer the loot on to another boat on reaching the Gujarat coast.

The drug mafia coupled with terror:

When the security agencies found these boats, they inspected it to find various material in it. The contents were pretty much similar in all the boats that had been abandoned. A note with a checkpoint at Pakistan, blankets, food, blankets and jackets had been found in these boats.

Officials however confirm that these boats have come in from Pakistan. In one of the incidents security officials while seizing the boat which had been abandoned found at least 8 men fleeing towards Pakistan in another boat.

Officials say that there are a couple of aspects to consider in these cases.
Men from Pakistan come into India for various reasons. One is the drug mafia, while the others are the terrorists.

There is also illegal fishing that takes place and hence people do come for this purpose as well. The drug mafia and the illegal fishermen often complete the task and go back into Pakistan waters. They abandon the boat and due to the tidal movement the boats are pushed back into the Indian waters.
For security officials there is no question of taking any chances.

It may be recalled that on December 31 2014, the coast guard had destroyed a boat from Pakistan. There was intelligence suggesting that terrorists may come in through the waters and upon spotting this boat, the coast guard first directed them to surrender and when they refused the boat was blasted.

Officials however point out that a majority of the illegal transactions that happen on sea is related to the drug mafia. It is a thriving business and in the past too we have intercepted several such boats. The boats from Pakistan come into the Indian waters, transfer the drugs and head back. There have been seizures close to Rs 1,500 crore worth of drugs in the past three years.

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