#WhenIWas: Why women are openly talking about sexual harassment

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Bengaluru, Apr 25: Last week women across the globe started tweeting using the hashtag #WhenIWas. While initially it was unclear what the ladies were posting about such incidents, soon several chilling stories began to emerge.

Thousands of women came together to share their experiences of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and violence using the hastag.

#WhenIWas: An eyeopener for many

The hashtag was created by EverydaySexism project aiming to create awareness against sexism and sexual harassment. It called on women to share their first encounter of sexual harassment and how old they were when it first happened.

And the results were not just shocking but appauling to say the least.

Several women recalled their first sexual harassment encounter in schools and colleges but a lot of them came forward and shared their stories when they were as young as 6 or 7.

The stories ranged from friends touching them inappropriately, to being cat-called by strangers to being sexually assaulted by their fathers. There were some courageous men also who recalled what they had done in their youth and why it is wrong.

Here are a few of the hundreds of tweets shared by men and women across the globe:

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