When Twitterati made fun of Digvijay Singh's burqa claims

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New Delhi, Sept 25: The Congress party's spokesperson Digvijay Singh's remarks on "BJP buying 10, 000 burqas" landed him in a Twitter 'trouble' on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Digvijay had alleged that 10,000 burqas were purchased from Indore to feign the support of the Muslim minority towards the opposition party at the BJP's rally at Bhopal's Jamboori Maidan.

Digvijay had confidently flashed a copy of a bill for Rs 42 lakh, which he alleged, was paid on behalf of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's close aide.

But, in a major embarrassment for Singh, his claims fell flat when the Indore-based burqa shop owner Abdul Hashmi rubbished the burqa-deal. Hashmi alleged, "Our quotation for Rs 42 lakh has been tampered with and was presented before the media as a bill or a receipt. The date was also tampered with and made as August". He also said that it was "practically impossible to deliver 10,000 burqas in a day".

Shortly after Digvijay's allegations, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman dismissed his charges by saying, "Congress has been doing votebank politics for the last 50 years. They should be knowing what is appeasement politics. We don't do that. I will be shocked if they do not pick up something about a Modi rally."

Digvijay Singh's remarks on "BJP buying burqas" landed him in Twitter trouble.

"Congress is running away from answering the questions that Modi is raising. These questions cannot be answered by the Congress so they are looking for such trivia,"she said.

So, after presenting a fake receipt of burqas, Digvijay Singh was today made a butt of jokes on social networking website Twitter.

Here's mentioning some of the funniest Twitter reactions:

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