When Shah Rukh Khan was slapped by a woman!

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New Delhi, Mar 1: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan recently revealed something which has left everyone surprised.

While speaking at a trailer launch of his upcoming movie 'Fan' the actor not only talked about the freedom of speech but also revealed something about his past life.

When Shah Rukh Khan was slapped by a woman!
Shah Rukh was answering questions put forth by his fans and told that when he was new in Mumbai, he was once slapped by a woman in a train.

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"I came by train for the first time when I came to Mumbai. The train would turn into a local after entering Mumbai which I was not aware of. So I did not let a few people sit on my berth saying that it is mine, 'I paid for it.' I did offer it to a lady, though, saying, 'you can sit but I won't let the men with you sit on my berth. And that lady slapped me real hard saying that 'it isn't yours, it is everybody's, " Shah Rukh Khan was quoted as saying in a TOI report.

When asked about his experience after his remarks on intolerance, Shah Rukh said, "When I would watch Mumbai Indians' match against KKR, the only one appeal I would make is 'Out'...I am not getting into this. Freedom of speech means the right to keep silent also. I am very silent about this."

On his 50th birthday in November last year, Shah Rukh had said there was "extreme intolerance" in the country. "There is intolerance, there is extreme intolerance... there is I think... there is growing intolerance," he had said.

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