WhatsApp Shocker: Admin removes 2 friends from group, stabbed

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Ulhasnagar (Maharashtra), May 31: 30-year-old Bunty Kurseja, a garment shop owner, has been stabbed by two of his friends as he removed them from a group on WhatsApp.

Mr Kurseja was attacked by a knife, beaten up and punched by two men, who, however, claimed that the victim owed money to them. The two accused have been identified as Anil Mukhi and Naresh Rohra.


The incident took place at Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra. Police have arrested one of the two accused. The arrested accused is the son of a former corporator.

The victim had created a group titled 'Jai Ho' on WhatsApp. The group was created so that members could exchange info and updates of the garment industry in minimum time.

According to sources, the victim had removed Anil and Naresh as other members of the group were upset with them. Both Anil and Naresh have been accused of sharing pornographic content in the group.

The victim reportedly had warned Anil and Naresh. However, all his warning went in vain as the duo reportedly continued sending vulgar messages. Leaving with no other options, Mr Kurseja had removed them from the group.

Meanwhile, investigating police officer claimed that the victim indeed had borrowed money from the two accused due to some family issues.

The officer was quoted as saying, "The loan of a few lakhs was borrowed a year ago due to some family problem. The duo would keep pressing Bunty to cough up the amount, but he was unable to do so."

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