What Pak's top secret 'Green Book' says about Kashmir separatists

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Srinagar, Aug 5: "We will harbour the separatists of Jammu and Kashmir in a big way to create unrest in the Valley. Let us try to move away from using arms and instead get the separatists to spear head a political struggle in J&K." These are some of the revelations that have been made in Pakistan's Green Book.

A Green Book is a top secret internal publication which publishes opinions and essays of serving officers of the Pakistan army.

What does Pak's secret book say?

Although it is a well known fact that the separatists live off Pakistan's money, it is clear that the neighbour had planned the return of the 1990s in the Valley. This is what one is getting to see today and in the aftermath of Burhan Wani's death, the protests are not dying down.

Even locals want an end to the problem but the separatists and the Pakistanis want to keep the Valley boiling.

Revelations in the Green Book

The Green Book states that the separatists will be a front to spread the anti-India message in Paksitan. Over a period of time the armed struggle in Kashmir must end and the separatists must become a political force to reckon with.

The article in the book also states that Pakistan is gradually losing international support on the Kashmir issue and hence the armed struggle must end so that a political solution can be thought about.

The article clearly hints at using the separatists to harbour an anti-India feeling in the Valley. However, it also states that if the international support to Pakistan on this issue needs to be strengthened, they would need to make the issue political.

For this the separatists must be backed to the hilt so that they are relevant in the politics of Kashmir, the article states.

Further the article also speaks about having a strong political leadership in Pakistan. Successive governments in Pakistan have mishandled foreign policy and this has been due to miscalculation and distrust.

Such issues need to be handled well in the future and this could help us stamp our authority on Kashmir better.

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