What Arnab Goswami said in his farewell speech

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"The game has just begun", were the first words of the most loved-hated-watched personality of Indian television news, Arnab Goswami to his team while bidding them a farewell. A newsroom filled with staff showering a thunder of applause welcomed the most charismatic Editor-In-Chief in all of Indian media as he made his way to tell them it was his time to leave.

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The man who made Times Now what it was, Arnab Goswami had become the sole reason behind Times Now's success. It is an open secret within the organisation and outside that The Newshour singularly contributed to about 50% of the channel's revenues.

What Arnab Goswami said in his farewell speech

In his farewell speech, 'India's 9 PM appointment man' thanked his team for building the channel together. He was addressing the entire newsroom in Mumbai as well as those who joined him via video-conference from Noida office.

Known as a tough taskmaster, Arnab Goswami, in his farewell speech didn't shy away from acknowledging that he has been hard but that was only to ensure that they were the best in the business. Always known as one with a strongly opinionated voice, Goswami encouraged his team to never lose faith in independent media.

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Should BBC and CNN be worried?

If sources from the channel are to be believed, the generally social media shy Goswami is all set to venture into a project in new media. In his own words to a close few, he believes his new venture will be a formidable competition to BBC and CNN.

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Some on the social media even asked if Goswami is working out a plan with Fox News. Others even asked if he would start a venture with a Bengaluru based businessman. For now Goswami continues to remain the editor-in-chief of the News Hour.

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