West Bengal train bombing and the gangs of Barrackpore

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Bengaluru, May 13: A gang war on a local train led to innocent passengers bearing the brunt. Early Tuesday morning a fight erupted on the Krishnagar local which resulted in the hurling of bombs and in the bargain the innocent passengers were injured.

For the police this has become a routine affair and Tuesday's incident once raises raises a pertinent question whether the gangs of Barrackpore are back. Barackpore and the areas around it have several gangs battling for dominance and the train incident is just another grim reminder of how bad these wars can get.

West Bengal train bombing and the gangs of Barrackpore.
Crude bombs sell like chocolates:

This is not the first time that this area is witnessing an incident of this nature. These are gangs which thrive on political patronage and in their spare time they fight for dominance. The wars are very rarely fought with guns and knives.

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Crude bombs are the most commonly used weapons for these gangs and they do not think twice before hurling them. Barackpore and its adjacent areas where these gangs function have easy access to crude bombs and police officials who struggle to maintain tranquility in these areas say that crude bombs are available as easily as chocolates here.

The fight that erupted on the Sealdah-Krishnagar local train has once again brought to the forefront the gangs wars. In fact the fight began on the train when it was passing by Titagarh. Police say that there are four gangs in the Titagarh, Sodepur, Madhyamgram and Karmhati areas.

These areas have seen gory gang wars in the past as well. During elections they fight on behalf of political parties. When there are no elections, the war is on for dominance and the Tuesday incident is a result of just that.

Warring within the parties:

These gangs have not only worked to disrupt rival political parties. The recent civic polls witnesses a spate of bombings aimed at workers within the party. There are splits reported within political parties and they hire these gangs to target their opponents.

The police have found that a man called Khana Bhola was part of the train incident. His name had cropped up several times in the past. He was alleged to be behind the shooting of a voter in Titagarh and also a series of bombings at Dom Patty. However Bhola had not been arrested both times and on Tuesday he was back with his name figuring in the train incident.

Lacklustre approach:

Several police officials from West Bengal and particularly the Barackpore area have complained of delayed orders. These orders to take action against such persons had only led to the rise in violence in the area.

Many of these persons have political masters and they ensure that orders to arrest these persons come in late so that they are given a chance to escape. While these persons cause a nuisance to the general public, they are still protected as they come in handy during the elections. These gang members are used to source crude bombs and they know how exactly to target persons which makes them a favourable draw during the elections.

The kingpin:

Bhola the man who is considered to be the most dangerous of them all has been linked to several incidents and politicians as well. He was part of the train incident and his name figures in several records that the police have created on him.

His name had cropped up during the elections and it was alleged that he had helped a TMC candidate. The police say that the TMC leader's family is very close to Bhola and they partonise him.

Bhola runs a powerful gang in Titagarh. He started this gang with political patronage and had identified petty criminals to be part of his gang. He has specifically ensured that all his gang members upgrade themselves from knives to bombs.

These persons control the local politics in their area. Not just this, they also play a vital role in real estate deals and the police say that all such deals are finalized with the blessings of this gang.

The Tuesday incident was just another altercation between the gangs and the real fight was over a property deal which both gangs wanted to have a say in. This led to a big fight on the train which witnesses stabbing and finally a bomb being hurled in which 17 persons were injured.

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