Were Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks a Talha Saeed experiment?

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Who is Talha Saeed? His name has cropped up during the interrogation of Mohammad Naved the main accused in the Udhampur terror attack. Talha Saeed is slowly gaining notoriety as one of the upcoming terrorists of Pakistan and incidentally is the son of Hafiz Saeed, the supreme commander of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

Talha Saeed was brought into the Lashkar at a very early age and his father wants no confusion on succession issues. With age catching up, Hafiz Saeed has already put in place his heir apparent and it is expected that Talha Saeed will begin playing a bigger part in the affairs of the Lashkar in the years to come.

Were Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks a Talha Saeed experiment?
Was Udhampur and Gurdaspur a Talha Saeed experiement?

The name of Talha Saeed has cropped up during the investigations that are being conducted into the Gurdaspur and Udhampur attacks. The questions being asked if he is handling the new breed of terrorists such as Mohammad Naved and sending them across the border to wage terror strikes?

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Investigating officials tells OneIndia that Naved has taken the name of Talha Saeed on a couple of occasions. This gives the impression that Talha has been active when it comes to the recent strikes on Indian soil. We are investigating into the matter further, the officer also added.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that Talha Saeed has been brought into the forefront by his father and these two attacks at Gurdaspur and Udhampur may be an experiment. Talha has been asked to prove himself and he experimented in both these places before he could actually cement his place as the heir apparent in the Lashkar heierarchy.

The Talha Saeed story:

Talha Saeed has stood his father and has been seen in public several times. His father has been nurturing him for several years now and at the moment none of the cadres appear to have a problem with his leadership. In fact Hafiz Saeed does not want the mantle passed on to his son without him having to prove himself.

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Talha Saeed has been working hard to support the Lashkar's cause and also his father. According to an Intelligence Bureau report, Talha was trained extensively under his uncle Abdur Rehman Makki. At first when Talha was inducted into the Lashkar by his father it was Makki who actually was the guiding force. Talha was first told to reach out to all the cadres and show that he meant business. Over the past three years Talha has assumed a greater responsibility and today is a darling among the Lashkar cadres.

What also works very well in favour of Talha is the support he enjoys from the ISI. The ISI would want no split in the Lashkar as this has been the most loyal proxy for the spy agency of Pakistan. The ISI on its part has been encouraging Talha to assume greater responsibility. Moreover when Hafiz Saeed had indicated that he wanted to take a back seat four months back, the ISI insisted that Talha should prove himself by orchestrating terror strikes in India before he was allowed to take over.

The propaganda campaign:

Talha like any other loyal son stands by his father through thick and thin. Post 26/11, Talha was seen aggressively campaigning in favour of his father. He ensured that he ran a propaganda campaign against India to wade off any allegation against his father.

He ran such an aggressive campaign that there was a denial about the role of his father in the 26/11 attack. He had also written an open letter to the Indian media about how they should stop accusing his father. After the propaganda campaign post 26/11 Talha went quiet for sometime only to resurface after the US banned the Jammat-ud-Dawa, the financial wing of the Lashkar.

Talha became deeply involved in the day to day affairs of the Jammat. In fact it was his idea to float the Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation after the Jamaat was banned. He felt that under a new name the Lashkar could continue with its fund raising activities.

Talha is a propaganda artist:

The Intelligence Bureau in India says that Talha is a propaganda artist. He is the one who is primarily responsible for running the social media for the Lashkar. Hafiz Saeed in particular has been very active on twitter since the past year. However Indian agencies feel that it is Talha who runs the account.

Adding to the propaganda are a host of videos on the internet posted by Talha which speak about the need to attack India, the real meaning of Jihad and how Kashmir should be handed over to Pakistan.

Talha is well educated and knows what goes into the making of a modern day terrorist. He is gradually growing in the ranks and it is just a matter of time before he takes over from his father completely.

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