Water crisis in Madhya Pradesh; woman struggle hard to fetch water

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Bhopal, April 8: As soon as sunrise, local women of Madhya Pradesh leave their houses to fetch water while traveling miles of distance through hilly region to get water for their household chores. A larger part of Madhya Pradesh is reeling with water crisis .

The crisis is worsening day by day in the Malwa and Nimar regions of western Madhya Pradesh where water is being supplied by the civic bodies from once in four days to, in some places, going up to even once in eight days.


Government schools are being closed early in mornings so that children can help their families to fetch water.As there is no other source of water left in their region and no water tanker is available in drought affected region, so villagers are travelling long miles to fetch natural water.

According to media reports, out of 365 municipal bodies in the state, potable water is being supplied in 62 places once in three days. Seventeen places get water once in a week.

Babulal Gaur, Minister for Urban Administration and Development, said while admitting about water crisis in region that "we are doing all efforts to provide water to the people in the region with the help of tankers. As we even raise fund to send water which are available in their region.The temperature has gone up and we have even planned prior to summer to provide all possible help to the locals of the region."

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