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New Delhi, June 14: The agriculture sector--which most often we love to ignore, but have been forced to understand it a bit in the wake of the farmers' protests and the unfortunate killing of six farmers in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, in a police firing--has brought to the fore several pertinent questions.

Why are farmers protesting? What ails the agriculture sector? Will farm loan waiver solve the problems of the farmers? How much the government has to pay to provide loan relief to farmers? Why farmers are committing suicide?


If all these questions and more are troubling you on a daily basis, then watch the video by noted journalist, P Sainath, who for decades have minutely reported on farmers' issues and problems plaguing the agricultural sector. 

In the 90-miniute video, Sainath, who is the founding editor of People's Archive of Rural India, explains why the farmers' protests are not just about loan waiver, but problems that are much deep-rooted and ignored for long by successive governments both at the states and the Centre.

In the video, the veteran journalist also delved in detail facts like soaring input costs and effect of liberalization and GM crops, to name a few.

In the video, Sainath has been critical of both the UPA and the NDA governments for ignoring the farmers' plight for long.

Watch the video below:

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