Wake up Madiwala police: The streets are not safe in Bengaluru

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New Delhi, Oct 6: Is there sufficient police patrolling in Bengaluru city in the night? This is a question that the Madiwala police need to answer. A 23 year old woman was allegedly gang raped by two drunk men on a Tempo Traveller and during this three hour ordeal which began at 10 PM on Saturday night, it is unfortunate that not a single night beat police man was on the roads to offer the woman any help.

While the police say that they cannot account for each and every vehicle on the road, the concern is that the roads leading up to Electronic City in the night have absolutely no police personnel manning the streets like how one may find on an MG Road or Brigade Road.

Wake up Madiwala police: The streets are not safe in Bengaluru .
Question mark on security:

The road leading up to the Electronic City at night is ghostly. Leave alone a woman, a man too would not feel safe to travel on these roads at night. Several young women have to travel on these roads as a lot of them do grave yard shifts in call centres based at Electronic City.

The incident that occurred in Bengaluru is very similar to the one we witnessed in the case of Nirbhaya. The only difference here is that the victim managed to get out alive.

If one goes by the account of the victim, it is quite strange that none managed to notice anything strange going on. She was at the bus stop waiting for the BMTC bus. However this tempo traveler stopped and the man on the foot board asked her to get in and the victim did not suspect any foul play as there were other passengers in the vehicle.

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When the vehicle reached Madivala, all the passengers got down, but as the victim was about to alight, the tempo took a u-turn and sped away. This was very unusual behaviour on part of the tempo driver and it comes as a surprise that none noticed the same. The girl screamed out for help, but there were no police on the streets.

Unfortunately for the victim, there was not a single police man on the road to notice this unusual movement of the tempo. First the tempo made a sharp u-turn and then took to an underpass before speeding through a signal before proceedings towards the BDA complex in Koramangala. This entire ordeal lasted nearly three hours and the temp did not encounter a single night beat police vehicle.

Madiwala police need to do better:

Madiwala is a busy area. It connects to the Hosur Road, BTM layout among other important locations. There is a great deal of vehicular movement as several vehicles ply in and out of the state through these roads. There have been constant complaints about the lack of security along these roads. Trucks and other heavy vehicles from outside the state move around these roads and residents have often said that there is no control what so ever.

An incident involving a 48 year old consultant was reported last year. She had taken an auto at Koramangala, but to her horror, the driver instead of taking her home, drove in an opposite direction. The lady however was not meek and she managed to stop him from misbehaving with her and even handed him over to the Madiwala police. However her efforts went down the drain as the police not only let off the auto driver, but refused to file an FIR too. It is such incidents reported from here that give anti social elements the confidence to commit crime against women.

The crime statistics against women is not encouraging either in Bengaluru. In the year 2013, there have been 80 cases of rape reported in the city out of which three were in schools. This does not paint a good picture.

Coming back to Madiwala, there have been complaints galore about incidents of chain snatching and other safety issues. The residents say that there needs to be better patrolling at night and this is something that is missing in this area.

The most common crimes that have been reported in the past few years from the Madiwala police station limits are chain snatching, vehicle theft, dacoity, house breaking both by day and night and robbery. The statistics would indicate- 4 wheeler theft: 20, Robbery: 34, house breaking by day- 30, house breaking by night-19, chain snatching-13 and dacoity-3.

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