Vote ke liye kuch bhi karega! Chand Mohammad is back as Chander Mohan in Haryana politics

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HJC leader Chander Mohan
New Delhi, Oct 9: One mustn't have forgotten Chander Mohan aka Chand Mohammad, who had hit the headlines few years back because of his much talked about love affair. The son of former chief Minister of Haryana Bhajan Lal, has appeared in front of camera, but not with his older name.

According to an Indian express report, the former deputy chief Minister was seen campaigning with new name Chander Mohan. Report says that while canvassing with Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) president and his younger brother Kuldeep Bishnoi at Hisar, he was openly using his name with opening line, "Tau, thara chhora aa gaya (Tau, your boy has come)".

Chander Mohan who hogged the limelight after converting to Islam in 2008, is now official candidate of HJC. When he was deputy chief minister of the state, he had changed his name and married to Anuradha Bali who also changed name to Fiza because Hindu religion didn't allow them to adopt bigamy practice.

Furious with the controversial marriage , Chander was even disowned by his father Bhajan Lal at that time. But suprisingly, in January 2009, Mohan left Ms. Bali, claiming that he still loved his first wife and wanted to reunite with them. The 39-year-old Fiza, a former assistant advocate general of Haryana was found dead in in 2012.

Since then this nomenclature flip-flop which earned him much flak is haunting him. However, he is trying hard to come out victorious this time and even is claiming that he will make his brother Chief Minister of the State. In fact, he is considered a strong contender this time as it has become multi-cornered contest with Rajya Sabha member Ranbir Singh Gangwa(INLD), former home minister Sampat Singh(Congress) and Hari Singh of the BJP this time.

Though, opponents are also burning midnight oils to not giving them much political space. Reportedly, controversial poster where Chander was seen sharing intimate moment with Anuradha Bali has also propped up. But Chander mohan is saying that he has already asked the apology for that chapter.

Terming this a conspiracy of the opponents, he said as quoted by IE, "I have publicly apologised for it (the controversy) and sought forgiveness from my wife, my children, my parents and other family members. Though they have all pardoned me, I have transferred all my assets to my wife and children as a kind of atonement for what I had done. That is something which ordinarily even a 90 year old man would not do. This being the case, people are obviously not bothered when someone still rakes up my past."

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