VK Singh takes swipe at Rahul Gandhi over scrapping of mega food park

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New Delhi, May 7:  Union minister VK Singh on Thursday took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi after he raised in Lok Sabha the issue of reported scrapping of a mega food park in Amethi, wondering why there was no development in the Congress leader's constituency during the 60 years of his party's rule.

"Amusing to see Rahul Gandhi questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi's commitment to development.

VK Singh takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi

Wonder why Amethi didn't get the development he talks of during the 60 years rule of the Congress," the Minister of State for External Affairs said in a tweet.

Singh's jibe at Gandhi came after he attacked the Modi government over the issue, accusing the Prime Minister of practicing "politics of revenge" and not "politics of change" which he had promised.

"Politicians offer promises to people and the one made by the Prime Minister is the biggest... What he is doing is politics of revenge," Gandhi said, adding that the Centre had scrapped the project in his family pocket-borough which would have benefited farmers in 10 districts.

Congress members protested with cries of 'shame, shame' in the House. Home Minister Rajnath Singh had rejected his charge and assured him that he would look into the matter.


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