Vijay Mallya's resignation rejected on technical grounds

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New Delhi/ London, May 4: Troubles do not seem to end for liquor baron Vijay Mallya as his resignation was rejected by Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari on technical grounds.

Ansari responded to Mallya's resignation and wrote: "Hamid Ansari, Chairma, Rajya Sabha, does not accept the resignation of Vijay Mallya. Secretary General, Rajya Sabha writes to Sh Mallya that his resignation letter does not conform to prescribed procedures and does not bear the signature in original."

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Mallya's resignation from RS 'rejected'

Mallya had sent a scanned copy of his resignation to Ansari expressing his desire to resign from Rajya Sabha. Meanwhile, the Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee was scrutinising complaints against him seeking his expulsion from the House.

Mallya's second term as an MP ends in June this year.

Mallya had on Monday taken to Twitter and said that Indian media houses should check on facts before calling him a 'defaulter.'


Mallya wrote on his Twitter account: "In all humility and not in defiance as they report, I would like Indian media to check and verify facts before calling me a defaulter."

Mallya had left for the UK on Mar 2 following which the governemnt revoked his passport. Shortly after the business tycoon gave his resignation saying that he didn't want his name and reputation to be dragged further in the mud.

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