Video: When is the right time to get married? Katrina Kaif faces tough competition

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Bengaluru, May 15: Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has been facing a tough competition as the male version of her famous Titan Raga ad has been released.

The short video released by Indie Hain Hum shows the various reasons which generally compel many people to register their names in the institution called "Marriage".

Katrina Kaif

Pressure from parents, family planning, marriage of siblings, responsibilities towards girlfriend are a few among such reasons which pressurise a man to get married, irrespective of the fact whether he is ready for it or not.

Watch the video which is giving tough competition to Katrina Kaif:

The recent video by Indie Hain Hum is a spoof of the recent ad featuring Katrina Kaif. Both ad depict the clash between tradition and change. Many young soul can relate to both the videos.

Katrina Kaif in Titan Raga ad: Watch Video

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