Video: We want Narendra Modi to become PM, say Varanasi Muslims

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Varanasi, April 9: The highly prestigious Sahitya Akademi award winner for Hindi literature, Kashinath Singh, in his famous novel "Kashi ka Assi" has written that every citizen of Varanasi is a "guru".

"There are no Singhs, no Pandeys, no Rams, only "Guru" is the surname of all people belonging to Banaras (Varansai).

Some "gurus" in Varanasi believe that the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who is all set to contest from the 'holy city', won't get Muslim votes.

But, in Varanasi, even Muslims are not less than "Gurus". They will cast their votes on their will.

Maulana Afsar Baba, who is a resident of Lallapura Police chawki in Varansai, says, "Mission of Muslims is to vote the party that can provide good governance. We have seen SP, BSP and Congress, none of them fulfilled their promises. We have seen development work in Banaras, daily we have to face many problems."

Hindus and Muslims of Varanasi are one and united: A resident of Varanasi

"We want Narendra Modi to become the prime minister. The hatred that has been spread in the hearts of Muslims towards Modi, those who say that BJP is an enemy of Muslims, is "completey wrong".

"If we continue to agree with those people or parties, then, we will again be deprived of development", he said.

"Whenever riots took place, there was Congress rule at the Centre, then why is BJP blamed?", he asked.

Kaneri Begum, who stays near Kashi station, said, "My support is for Modi."

Mustafa Ansai from Noornagar says, "People say that Modi is against Muslims. But the reality is that Muslims of Varanasi are very elated with Modi contesting from here. We want Modi should win and become the next prime minister."

Another resident, Karim Ashraf says, "People say that BJP is against Muslims. Such people will understand reality only when Modi will become PM and we will get a new direction. Only then, they will know that the Hindus and Muslims of Varanasi are one and united."

Here is the video of all the above Muslim supporters of Narendra Modi:

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