Video reveals shocking images; MH17 missed village by an inch

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Ukraine, Nov 17: The dreaded MH 17 mishap unravels more shocking stories as locals post their personal video footages of the tragic mishap. This video footage shows how the plane fell just a meters away from a heavily populated village. As per the AP site that posted the video, the debris could be seen strewn at the yards of the people's houses.

Meanwhile, in Amsterdam local emergency services have recovered human remains, parts of the MH 17 aircraft, personal belongings from the site of the MH 17 crash site. Dutch officials had hoped to examine the crash site themselves, but could not as they were apprehensive of the safety of their staff in the conflict zone, which is held by Moscow-backed rebels who are fighting the government forces. They, therefore decided to commission the State Emergency Service to search the area further after an initial operation recovered many body parts.

While pieces of the wreckage were taken to the train station in nearby Torez and have been partially loaded into wagons, important documents like passport and bank cards have been handed over to Dutch authorities by locals.

Given the large area of recovery, the process has slowed down, but authorities say that they wish to collect certain important parts of the wreckage to reconstruct the incident, nothing more. And that they have found. Dutch authorities are leading both the air accident and criminal investigations into the downing of the Boeing 777, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17.

Preliminary reports obtained from the aircraft's black box recorder, photographic image and radar evidence and satellite imagery suggested that the plane was brought down by "high energy objects"-consistent with attack from the air or the ground.

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